His First Love

His First Love: A photographic journey of the relationship of a mother and her son

Inspired by my unique relationship with my mother, His First Love is a photography journey that captures the love between a mother and son. When I was a young boy, my mother would take endless pictures of my brothers and myself capturing our adventures one still frame at a time. It was these moments that were bringing us all such great joy were now preserved for our future. q-2

After the pictures were taken, she would take great care in getting the pictures developed and creating photo albums for all the kids. Now, as an adult looking back on these photos I am able to see my childhood through the eyes of my mother and that is powerful. I am forever grateful for this gift. I am forever grateful for my mother as she was my first love, and taught me that in every act there can be love.IMG_7930 copy

That was my story, but there are so many other stories of mothers and sons just waiting to be told. Our goal with the His First Love project is to give mothers and sons the chance to tell their own very personal stories. We will capture the comforts and realities of bonding between mother and son, and with it the eternal love of their actions will be preserved a single frame at a time. There is no age limit to this journey, there is no time limit and it the bond between mother and child begins before the womb and lasts long after. Families are forever, and the eternal love of a mother is one of the greatest joys this world has to offer. We hope to offer you and your family a unique examination of thought to that eternal love, and create a movement that will strengthen the everlasting bonds of the entire family that will last for all of this lifetime and the next.IMG_7961 copy copy

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